SSI Overview

A trailblazer in the freight audit marketplace, and celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, SSI, was founded in 1989 as Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc.

Serving Global Enterprises

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, within the Portland metro area, our leadership and organization draws upon the wealth of technical knowledge located in the region. This powerhouse of talent is a competitive advantage that enables SSI to provide modern, customized, supply chain technology and software solutions to our clients.

Leaders Choose Leaders

With our proximity to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle, and many other fast-growth technology centers, SSI is uniquely situated to serve the needs of leading technology, eCommerce, automotive, and software businesses. SSI also serves a diverse client base across a range of industries. Our supply chain solutions can be applied to most any business operation.

Further, our Pacific Rim location provides a geographic edge that enhances communication with those whose supply chains and markets stretch throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Providing A Custom-Fit Solution

SSI transforms the complexity of freight audit and freight payment into cash savings and business intelligence, providing actionable insights to maximize your profit potential.

  • Customizable solution scales with your growing and dynamic business needs
  • Automated freight audit drives savings to the bottom line
  • Cutting-edge data visualization facilitates analysis
  • Actionable business intelligence supports supply chain optimization and operational efficiencies

SSI also offers carrier contract negotiation services, providing immediate and long-term savings that go straight to your bottom line.

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SSI is now a part of AFS Global Technology Solutions, LLC.

After exploring opportunities to expand SSI’s capabilities and better serve our customer’s needs, the SSI leadership team identified a great fit with a leading supply chain logistics company that complements our core competencies of freight audit and freight payment services.

Specifically, during discussions with the leadership team at AFS Logistics, we found an ideal partner. Founded in 1982, AFS provides industry leading transportation management and logistics services, as well as technology-driven supply chain solutions.

SSI is now a part of AFS Global Technology Solutions. In the year ahead, we will increasingly harness the strengths and expertise of AFS in order to serve your business needs with an even higher level of excellence.

SSI also plans to make long-term investments that strengthen our capabilities and enhance our technology prowess as we combine our 3 decades of industry know-how with the 37 years of logistics management expertise that AFS brings to the table.

You may begin to see a new business name, AFS Global Technology Solutions, LLC., on some documentation. However, we will continue to maintain the SSI brand identity and logo for a period of time.

SSI plans to maintain the same knowledgeable customer-support teams who will keep our customers abreast of progress as we introduce technology improvements that enhance the customer experience.