RFP Insights

Learn how to identify the optimal freight audit provider

Key Topics:

  • Laying the foundation for selecting your partner
  • Key considerations when preparing your freight payment RFP
  • Why a Statement of Work is a critical tool for a successful bidding process
  • 5 bonus tips for preparing a freight audit and freight payment RFP

Download the SSI Freight Audit RFP Guidebook

Developing your RFP for freight audit and freight payment providers can be challenging.

At SSI, we want to simplify the process for you. This 10-page guidebook, Useful insights for procurement of freight audit and freight payment services, explains how to organize your RFP to identify the optimal provider who will deliver the best overall value to your business.

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Want more details before you download the RFP Guidebook? Read this summary:

  • Outsourcing freight audit and payment is a smart decision.
  • There are two types of pricing models in freight auditing (per-transaction and contingency).
  • These services are not a commodity purchase and the best savings, service, and value for your business may not come from the low-cost bidder.
  • Custom-tailored solutions often best meet the needs of complex, fast-paced, multinational businesses.
  • These customized solutions should provide data visualization tools to highlight helpful business intelligence insights that drive increased supply chain efficiencies.
  • Scalable solutions provide assurance your needs will be met in the future.
  • Most freight audit and payment companies are built differently from one another and their areas of expertise effect service, cost, and savings.
  • When you organize a formal bid, create a statement of work for the prospective suppliers. Doing so will minimize misunderstandings and provide clarity as you evaluate proposals.
  • Measure your current ROI and gain senior-management support early.
  • Organize and collaborate with the right internal team of decision makers, including representation from transportation, logistics, finance, and IT.
  • Create a timeline for review and selection of a freight audit and payment supplier and then stick to the timetable.
  • Review, record, and quantify supplier RFP responses using a scorecard with a blind review.
  • Schedule an onsite visit with your top two finalists.