Refund Recovery

The savings add up fast – your business may save tens-of-thousands of dollars a month

Discovering Billing Errors, Recovering Your Money

A key benefit of working with SSI is that our comprehensive freight audits check bills from thousands of carriers worldwide. Because our freight-audit expertise is broad and deep, SSI discovers thousands of erroneous or duplicative charges every week. The SSI proprietary system identifies these billing mistakes and we proceed to recover your hard-dollar savings on your behalf.

In fact, because we are so proficient in recovering refunds, a typical SSI customer enjoys an impressive 8-to-1 return on investment. This remarkable hard-dollar, bottom-line savings does not include the additional tens-of-thousands of dollars saved operationally by SSI customers who apply the knowledge they gain via our SSIconnect platform supply chain intelligence resources.

Measurable Savings, Ongoing Improvements

As your business grows or changes, so will your supply chain and shipping needs. SSI solutions scale and flex to accommodate your needs. Whatever your current or future shipping needs, SSI helps your business achieve measurable savings and improved efficiencies.

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Our Best-in-Class Audit Identifies Recoverable Funds:

  • Duplicate Billings
  • Overcharges
  • Incorrect DIM billing
  • Late Deliveries
  • Erroneous Currency Conversions
  • Invalid/Fraudulent invoices
  • Other Billing Mistakes

Strategic Account Management Drives Further Savings

SSI account managers work closely with our auditors, programmers, and your team to maximize your business savings. We identify strategic opportunities for cost and process improvements and make appropriate recommendations that result in significant dollar savings.