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Systematic cost allocation increases certainty

Accurate GL Coding for Precise Financial Management

SSI applies customized cost-allocation logic that is configured to the unique specifications of each customer we serve.

During implementation and as your requirements evolve over time, we develop and maintain a Coding Rules Document that provides a complete and transparent record of when and how cost allocation coding logic was determined or updated.

By offering a custom-tailored solution, finance and accounting professionals  can view accurate general ledger (GL) cost allocations and gain relevant cost visibility. This data accuracy informs critical decision making which improves efficiencies and reduces a company’s supply chain transportation spend.

Proprietary Software and Processes

The SSI system accommodates complex accounting system requirements and applies an automated rules engine that can be programmed to execute GL assignments of any data element. Common charge allocations include, but are not limited to, the following.

• Direction (inbound/outbound)
• Charge type
• Reference Field Notations
• P.O.
• Project
• Shipper Account Number
• Terms
• Consignee/Consignor
• International/Domestic

SSI customers are equipped with actionable data insights to successfully measure, analyze, and manage financial resources for optimal performance

Collaborative, Exception Management

During the audit, every freight bill charge is noted with the applicable coding rule number. This transparent cost allocation logic trail ensures payment accuracy and saves your team time during the exception-management process.

Whenever charges deviate from agreed-on parameters or carrier contractual requirements, the figure in question is flagged with an exception on the SSIconnect platform. Your approved users may log in to access our intuitive exception-management tool and then efficiently filter and process exceptions in such a fashion that resolution is quick and effective.

We Make Data Exchange Easy

The SSIconnect platform can interface with all types of enterprise software and shipping systems. After a customer specifies their preferred format and method of data exchange, the SSI team develops a custom solution with the necessary programming to provide timely inbound and outbound data sharing. Typically, no additional customer IT resources are required, which frees up our customers to focus on what they do best.

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