A Special Report on Custom Freight Bill Auditing

If you’re like most companies, you work hard negotiating freight contracts. Supply chain, transportation, and purchasing professionals can exhaust hours analyzing spend, reviewing proposals, and assessing the shipping model that keeps cost low and service high.

But once an agreement is signed between carrier and company, who is checking to make sure those agreements are honored and accurately billed? Without a custom audit you may be overpaying for shipping and absorbing an unacceptable number of errors.

This article will cover:

  • The economic value of outsourcing freight bill auditing
  • How “gaps” in invoice review can materialize, resulting in thousands of dollars in missed audit-saving opportunities
  • Why the creation of an audit policy should be as unique and customized as the carrier contracts being used to validate a charge
  • How a custom freight bill audit can result in better savings, better business decisions and peace-of-mind

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