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SSI provides customized global freight audit and freight payment services.

  • Optimized for your global, multi-modal network.
  • Agile design adapts to changes in your carrier mix and supply chain sourcing.
  • Real-time analytics and custom reports allow you to implement supply chain improvements.
  • Scalable platform meets your evolving needs as your business grows and expands.

A growing number of businesses are now outsourcing their freight audit and freight payment processes. The cost-savings, process-efficiency, and business-intelligence benefits realized by outsourcing these services are indisputable. In fact, many SSI clients achieve an 8-to-1 ROI (achieving 8 dollars in savings for every dollar invested into the service). Others realize even more impressive ROIs.

However, in the nearly three decades since SSI was founded, a profusion of copycat freight audit providers have entered the marketplace. The presence of multiple vendors making similar claims can muddy the water for decision makers who seek to maximize their gains through outsourced freight audit and freight payment solutions.

SSI brochures and white papers are designed to provide fresh insights and knowledge to professionals in supply chain, logistics, operations, warehouse, eCommerce, and finance leadership roles. The freight audit literature below will help you identify the optimal provider who is most capable of delivering spot-on solutions to meet your unique global requirements today, while also providing scalable solutions to meet future projected growth needs.

Maximize savings, gain actionable insights, and optimize your global supply chain. You may realize up to an 8-to-1 ROI with SSI resources.

SSI transforms the complexity of freight audit and freight payment into cash savings and supply chain intelligence, providing actionable insights to maximize your profit potential.

Achieve global freight transportation and supply chain savings with SSI consulting services. We provide expert know-how to deliver actionable insights and long-term savings.

Reap the benefits of transportation and logistical analytics, without making a large upfront investment in time and resources. SSI Managed Analytics is a robust, outsourced solution that warehouses and integrates key internal and external data and feeds it back to you through easy-to-digest custom dashboards and reports.

SSI Contingency Invoice Audits

As customer demand accelerates the need for speedy shipments, many supply chain leaders are looking for a fast, easy-to-implement solution to identify billing errors and reduce shipping costs. SSI offers an ideal contingency parcel and freight audit solution for these time-pressed leaders.

SSI offers a free assessment of your carrier contracts based upon your actual historical shipping data. With accurate benchmarking insights, our assessment ensures your company’s current carrier discounts are market competitive and in-line with other companies that have similar shipping characteristics and volume.

This article will give the logistics professional insight into key technology and best practices in business intelligence reporting. This white paper is essential reading to help the transportation group reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and target initiatives that optimize carrier activity and expense.

This white paper highlights the unique objectives all shipper’s share when outsourcing freight bill auditing and payment. Emphasis is placed on finding a partner that integrates industry best practices while balancing all of your key objectives and goals.

This report outlines the benefits and challenges tied to a global freight payment initiative. This article will help a shipper identify the pitfalls and solutions available in the marketplace.

This article outlines the practices and fundamentals most banks don’t want you to know when outsourcing freight payment to them. This white paper will help you formulate the true cost of funding carriers through a credit card electronic settlement solution hosted by a bank.

This report provides a better understanding of custom freight bill auditing practices and why they’re important to today’s shipper. This article establishes a baseline for comparing one audit firm’s practices against another’s.