Data Visualization Dashboards

Modern data-analytics tools provide actionable supply chain intelligence

Data Visualization Dashboards Provide Supply Chain Insights

Cutting-edge data visualization dashboards are now available from SSI that transform your raw freight audit data into a powerhouse of supply chain intelligence.

For global shippers, across all modes of transportation, SSI applies an automated, customized freight audit process. Our proprietary methodology meticulously combs through shipping invoices to identify sizable savings opportunities and ensure carrier contractual compliance.

A valuable result of this sophisticated, transportation spend analysis is that large volumes of relevant supply chain data are captured and entered into a dedicated data storehouse. SSIconnect™, our user-friendly, online customer platform allows your team to access highly relevant information so they can reduce operating expenses and make better decisions.

Powered by an advanced analytics engine, SSI data visualization dashboards transform complex data into easy-to-digest graphics. Meaningful metrics and key performance indicators are displayed and updated regularly. Armed with relevant data-derived insights, you and your team can implement meaningful improvements that deliver increasingly successful outcomes.

Gain a competitive edge with data visualization tools that enable your team to measure performance, reduce costs, maximize efficiencies, and implement sustainable improvements.

Make Informed Decisions and Save Up to 15% of Your Transportation Budget

  • Executive dashboards provide clear, accessible intelligence
  • Monitor KPI’s and other shipping metrics
  • Review relevant financial reports
  • Identify expense anomalies and detect emerging trends
  • Improve logistics planning
  • Optimize freight carrier usage and analyze accruals
  • Research historical and predictive analytics (freight, accessorial charges, fuel etc.)
  • Study carrier data quality analysis (missing POD, incorrect shipment dates, classify dirty data, etc.)
  • Analyze fresh data routinely to make continuous improvements
  • Implement programs for long-term, sustainable supply chain optimization

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Actionable Data Insights for Informed Decision Making

Today’s supply chain, logistics, and finance leaders need expert support to inform their decision making as few organizations have the in-house capabilities to glean relevant insights and extract useful business intelligence from the continuous deluge of transportation data.

SSI’s managed analytics provides an optimal solution by delivering the supply chain intelligence required by these professionals. Modern, customizable dashboards empower leaders to discover and pinpoint the shipments and carriers that adversely affect costs.

Armed with pertinent information, supply chain issues can be addressed at the root cause, resulting in real change by cutting shipping costs, improving logistical efficiencies, and reducing operating expenses.

Managed Analytics Spark
Supply-Chain Insights

Reap the benefits of transportation and logistical analytics, without making a large upfront investment in time and resources.

SSI Managed Analytics Services are a robust, outsourced solution that warehouses and integrates key internal and external data and feeds it back to you through easy-to-digest custom dashboards and reports.

• Move fast – with no people to hire or in-house systems to build, you can start gleaning valuable insights promptly.

• Receive expert support – The SSI data science team and professional programmers can help you identify pertinent data and deliver the visuals to help you find answers to your biggest challenges.

• Realize immediate ROI – With minimal expense, you can tap into data insights for quick decision making to improve performance and cut costs. Further, you may implement changes that deliver significant long-term savings.

SSI Transportation & Logistics

Managed Analytics Services

  • Customized analytics dashboards
  • Customizable range of historical data available
  • Expert data science support
  • Domo® cards and dashboard

Develop Data-Driven Supply Chain Strategies for Future Needs

Power your strategic planning with our advanced analytics engine. Armed with intuitive dashboards and robust reports that provide relevant supply chain intelligence, you can implement meaningful changes to maximize supply chain efficiencies.

SSI managed analytics scale with your growing enterprise and adjust to your dynamic business needs. Armed with relevant metrics and cutting-edge data visualization tools, you and your team can implement future improvements that deliver increasingly successful outcomes.

Transportation Carrier

Benchmarking & GRI Analysis

SSI also offers carrier benchmarking services. For a nominal fee we can analyze your expenses by carrier or by lane (e.g., parcel, LTL, TL). Further, we can dig deeper to see how your current rates compare and rank across other anonymized shippers by industry, service levels, shipment volumes, freight spend, region and more. Armed with this information, you may be able realize significant savings when negotiating your carrier contracts.

As you know, carriers routinely announce general rate increases. Determining how these higher costs will impact your supply chain expenditures is paramount. However, conducting this analysis yourself can be a time-consuming frustration.

For a minimal fee, SSI will perform an accurate GRI analysis using your historical shipping data. This analysis enables you to plan, budget, and make knowledge-based decisions to save money.

Transportation Logistics Planning

SSI also provides transportation logistics planning resources upon request.
  • Web services for TMS connectivity to rate card data in the SSI system
  • Shipping activity analysis and recommendations utilizing machine learning modeling technologies
  • Bulk shipment planning and optimization utilizing proprietary algorithms for modeling and what-if scenarios
  • Compare carriers across Service, Region and Lane elements (US-Domestic, International)
  • Analyze freight invoices across multiple rate cards for comparative analysis
Note: Domo is a registered trademark of Domo, Inc. SSIconnect is a trademark of Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc.