Data Insights

SSI provides actionable insights from relevant supply chain intelligence

Actionable Data Insights

SSI global freight audit services create a wealth of relevant data for our clients. The intelligent, automated process implemented by SSI meticulously combs through shipping bills from all modes of transportation. From this big data storehouse, our cutting-edge technology is centered around helping you glean actionable data insights for peak operational, supply-chain, and financial performance.

Relevant, Accessible Data

SSI freight and parcel audits are customized to meet your unique needs and business requirements. The established rules and policies enforce data standards, enhance audit effectiveness, reduce exceptions, and enable you to access a powerhouse of supply chain intelligence.

Business Intelligence to Benchmark, Measure KPIs, and Improve Performance

A suite of pre-formatted business intelligence (BI) reports are available via our online customer platform, SSIconnect™ The reports take raw freight-billing data, define and refine it, and provide meaningful metrics and freight benchmarking capabilities. Importantly, custom reports and scorecards that dovetail with your business KPI requirements can be constructed by yourself or with support from our in-house professional programmers.


The BI resources provide transportation-efficiency insights and enable you to identify freight-saving opportunities. To learn more about the actionable data insights available, see the SSI Managed Analytics page.

Cutting-Edge Data Visualization

SSI business intelligence dashboards are powered by Domo®, a respected leader in transforming complex business data into useful graphics. You can now maximize these dynamic data visualization tools with easy-to-digest custom dashboards and reports by leveraging Managed Analytics services from SSI.

Supply Chain Visibility

SSIconnect provides your entire team with a single platform that brings your global supply chain into focus. Everybody has access to the big picture and can drill down to the most minute shipment level detail. Because everyone gets total visibility, you and your team can implement meaningful changes to maximize supply chain efficiencies.

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SSIconnect for Quick Data Accessibility

Your data repository is accessible via our user-friendly, online customer platform, SSIconnect™. You and your specified colleagues in Operations, Logistics, Supply Chain, Fulfillment, and Finance roles can individually access information that is highly relevant to their specific business needs.

Note: Domo is a registered trademark of Domo, Inc. SSIconnect is a trademark of Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc.