Customized Solutions

Superior service, advanced technology makes SSI a superb partner

Different by Design

SSI provides comprehensive, custom-tailored freight bill audits and freight payment services for multinational companies. Most SSI customers utilize multiple modes of transportation within their complex, global supply chains.

Our friendly, knowledgeable professionals engage with your team in a collaborative approach. The unparalleled level of service we provide ensures your company receives individually tailored solutions that match your unique needs and business requirements.

The agreed-upon rules and policies we establish together are programmed into our automated freight audit engine which enforces data standards, enhances audit effectiveness, reduces exceptions, and maximizes your hard dollar savings. Further, our online platform, SSIconnect, enables you to access a powerhouse of supply chain intelligence. As your team reviews real-time analytics and personalized reports of your supply chain data, they gain visibility and actionable insights for informed decision making to reduce costs and maximize supply chain efficiencies.

Save money, cut waste, optimize efficiencies, and implement sustainable improvements – custom global freight audits yield actionable supply chain intelligence for informed decision making

A Custom Solution Addresses Your Needs

  • Optimized for your global, multi-modal network.
  • Agile design adapts to changes in your carrier mix and supply chain sourcing.
  • Real-time analytics and custom reports allow you to implement supply chain improvements.
  • Scalable platform meets your evolving needs as your business grows and expands.

SSI Provides the Optimal Global Freight Audit Solution

In the three decades since SSI was founded, a profusion of copy-cat providers have entered the marketplace. Further, even though they do not possess the knowledge or technology to provide optimal results, some supply chain service firms offer freight audit only as an auxiliary, add-on service.

The presence of multiple vendors making similar claims can muddy the water for decision makers who seek to maximize their gains through outsourced freight audit and freight payment solutions. It is unfortunate how many finance and operations professionals realize, after program implementation, that they chose a low-cost supplier with a simplistic, cookie-cutter solution. Ironically, rather than saving money, these folks are in for a frustrating, resource-depleting, and costly experience.

For decision makers with complex, global supply chains, identifying the optimal freight audit provider is imperative. Choosing SSI means you receive solutions that meet your unique global requirements today and ensures you will easily adjust and scale with customizable updates as your business needs evolve in the future.

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