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Exceptional freight audits from SSI provide an eight to one average ROI. Which means for every $1,000 you spend on our freight audit services, we recover about $8,000 in savings for your company. These savings add up fast. Some SSI customers recover tens-of-thousands of dollars every month.

If you are working with another freight audit provider and are dissatisfied with their performance, now is the time to contact SSI.

Also, if you are manually auditing your freight bills in-house, please stop. Let SSI take that tedious, time-consuming assignment off of your desk. When we do the work, you save time and money. Plus, you can go back to enjoying your job as you refocus on what you do best.

In this post, we will answer this question: “What is an exceptional freight audit?”. We will also share proof points that SSI provides exceptional freight audit solutions.

In addition, you will learn how SSI can help you transform your freight data into valuable insights. After reading this post, you will understand why SSI has been a trusted freight audit provider for decades.


An exceptional freight audit meticulously examines, validates, and reconciles all of your global freight invoices for accuracy.

Many of your freight invoices are complex because they include various charges, discounts and surcharges. Errors or inaccuracies are more common that you may realize. Depending on who you ask, billing errors are found on 10% to 25% of transportation invoices.

Because billing errors are so common, the ideal freight audit process is exacting, automated, multimodal, and customized to your transportation network. Empowered with these attributes, the audit can accurately verify if every freight-bill charge is in compliance with the established rules and contractually agreed-to parameters within your carrier contracts. Whenever a charge deviates from the established rules, the freight auditor should take exception to any discrepancy.

Further, the auditor should offer excellent transparency, with an exception-management solution that allows you and your transportation providers to collaborate on invoices requiring additional information for approval or payment.

For the sake of simplicity, these bullet points provide a summary of the key elements of an exceptional freight audit:

  • Invoice Verification – Verifies that the invoice is your obligation by reviewing account number, shipper and consignee.
  • Rate Verification – Audits every line item against your negotiated rates. Items include base freight, discounts, fuel surcharges, residential surcharges and accessorial fees, to name a few.
  • Duplicate Audit – Provides a fool-proof algorithm that checks multiple fields to ensure non-payment of duplicate charges.
  • Service Commitment – Validates that the shipment meets the service level commitment and carrier service guarantee.

Other freight-bill items that should be reviewed for inaccuracies include incorrect dimensional (DIM) billing, manifested vs. billed weights, lift gate charges, erroneous currency conversions, and invalid/fraudulent invoices.


When you choose SSI, you benefit from the exceptional freight audit process outlined above.

You may be surprised to learn many other providers are not nearly so thorough. In fact, some only spot-check invoices or use an imprecise one-size-fits-all audit process. That is easy work for them. However, when they cut corners, it minimizes your savings.

At SSI, we maximize your savings with a modern, robust freight-audit process that is designed to meet your current needs and easily scales as your business needs evolve in the future.

Further, if you are a global shipper, our freight audit experts ensure you recover all the refunds due to you on every freight invoice you receive from around the world.

Transparency is important as well. Our SSIconnectTM platform provides you with easy access to all documents so that you may view, share, and retain important invoice information instantaneously.

Want more details on what makes for an exceptional freight audit? Give us a call and let’s talk.


In addition to the 8:1 ROI, you and your team can gain key insights from your shipping data through the powerful business intelligence reports and user-friendly data visualization tools that SSI offers.

Our platform provides resources that enable your team to measure performance, reduce costs, maximize efficiencies, and implement sustainable improvements.

  • Data analytics dashboards provide clear, accessible intelligence.
  • Tools are filterable and customizable.
  • Monitor KPI’s and other shipping metrics.
  • Review relevant financial reports.
  • Identify expense anomalies and detect emerging trends.
  • Improve logistics planning.
  • Optimize freight carrier usage and analyze accruals.
  • Research historical and predictive analytics (freight, accessorial charges, fuel etc.).
  • Study carrier data quality analysis (missing POD, incorrect shipment dates, classify dirty data, etc.).
  • Analyze fresh data routinely to make continuous improvements.
  • Implement programs for long-term, sustainable supply chain optimization.

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SSI, a trailblazer in the freight audit marketplace, was founded in 1989 as Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc. We are a leading provider of global, multimodal freight audit solutions and international freight payment services. In fact, SSI serves a wide range of industry leaders on a global scale.

When you choose SSI, you are selecting a freight audit company with uncommon know-how. Our experience is virtually incomparable, as we have audited hundreds of millions of freight and parcel invoices since our inception.

To start receiving exceptional freight audits, please contact one of our freight audit experts.

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