Custom Freight Audit Solutions Optimized For Your Business

Custom freight audit solutions from SSI are precisely designed to meet your business needs. Our multi-modal freight audits help you save money, cut waste, and maximize efficiencies while yielding actionable supply chain intelligence for informed decision making.

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A diverse range of multinational companies rely on SSI for comprehensive freight and parcel audits. The majority of SSI customers utilize multiple modes of transportation across their supply chain network.

When you choose SSI, our friendly, knowledgeable staff engages with your team in a collaborative approach. It is the professional service we provide from the start that ensures your company receives individually tailored solutions that match your business requirements.

The agreed-upon rules and policies we establish together are programmed into our automated freight audit engine which enforces standards, enhances data accuracy, and maximizes audit effectiveness.

SSI custom freight audit services address your needs:

  • Processes are structured to scrutinize bills from your existing transportation networks.
  • Agile design adapts to changes in your carrier mix and supply chain sourcing.
  • Scalable platform meets your evolving needs as your business grows and expands.
  • Savings add up fast – some customers recover tens-of-thousands of dollars every month.


Whether your supply chain spans the globe, is segregated into regional groups, or is wholly contained in North America, SSI freight audits will position you for success as you save money.

Let’s dig into the details:

  • Gain full transparency into your freight and parcel expenditures as our EDI transaction imaging capabilities make bills easily accessible.
  • Because documents are readily available and retrievable, you may view, share, and retain important invoice information instantaneously.
  • Data normalization eliminates redundancy as your information is formatted for clarity, enhanced accuracy.
  • Data cleansing increases productivity by providing high quality information for review, decision making.
  • Data validation verifies each charge aligns with your contracted rates. Whenever a charge deviates from the established rules, SSI will take exception to those discrepancies and errors.
  • Our exception management solution allows you and your transportation providers to collaborate on invoices requiring additional information for approval or payment.

After completing a freight bill audit, SSI can also pay each bill on your behalf. Our freight payment service saves you money, reduces your company’s administrative burdens, and helps you maintain positive relations with carriers as we issue payments in a timely manner, as per your guidance.

Plus, for those of you with international supply chains, we process freight bills from multiple languages and in the world’s most traded currencies.


Our data analytics team can help you save more money, improve efficiencies, and make informed decisions with actionable insights derived from your shipping data.

Data visualization dashboards from SSI give you a competitive edge as they transform your raw shipping and logistics data into easy-to-digest graphics.

Meaningful metrics and key performance indicators are displayed and updated regularly. Armed with relevant data-derived insights, you and your team can implement meaningful improvements that deliver increasingly successful outcomes.

  • Executive dashboards provide clear, accessible intelligence
  • Monitor KPI’s and other shipping metrics
  • Review relevant financial reports
  • Identify expense anomalies and detect emerging trends
  • Optimize freight carrier usage and analyze accruals
  • Routinely analyze fresh data to make continuous improvements
  • Implement programs for long-term, sustainable supply chain optimization

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A top freight audit provider, SSI serves the needs of supply chain, operations, logistics, shipping and finance executives. We transform the complexity of global freight audit and freight payment into cash savings and supply chain intelligence, providing actionable insights to maximize your profit potential.

As this blog post explains, here are several key benefits of working with SSI:

  • Custom freight audit solution scales with your growing and dynamic business needs.
  • Automated freight audit drives savings to the bottom line.
  • Cutting-edge data visualization facilitates analysis.
  • Actionable business intelligence supports supply chain optimization and operational efficiencies.

In addition, professional parcel cost management, GRI analysis, and other valuable services are available.

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SSI blog post entitled: Custom freight audit solutions optimized for your business.