Freight Audit Experts Help You Save Money Amidst Supply Chain Disruptions

Freight audit experts from SSI ensure you recover all the refunds due to you on every freight invoice you receive from around the world. So, if carrier shipping delays have you feeling as stuck as the freight in the accompanying photograph, now is the time to move forward and start saving with freight audit services from SSI.

Simply put, today’s global supply chain and shipping disruptions are costly. In this expensive environment, our freight audit expertise provides you with invaluable savings as a steady stream of carrier refunds are returned to your bottom line.

The savings add up fast. Some SSI customers recover tens-of-thousands of dollars every month.

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SSI, a trailblazer in the freight audit marketplace, was founded in 1989 as Software Solutions Unlimited, Inc. We are a leading provider of global, multi-modal freight audit solutions and international freight payment services. In fact, SSI serves a wide range of industry leaders on a global scale.

When you choose SSI, you are selecting a freight audit company with uncommon know-how. Our experience is virtually incomparable, as we have audited hundreds of millions of freight and parcel invoices since our inception.

However, in the three decades since SSI was founded, a profusion of copy-cat providers have entered the marketplace. The presence of multiple vendors making similar claims can muddy the water for decision makers like you.

Unfortunately, in our experience, many supply chain, operations, logistics, and finance professionals who choose inexperienced or low-cost freight audit providers do not receive the value for which they hoped. They only come to realize after program implementation that their supplier has an inadequate solution. Ironically, rather than saving money, some get mired in a frustrating, resource-depleting situation that provides minimal savings and few useful data insights.


Whether you have a regional or global supply chain, our modern, automated freight-audit process is designed to meet your current needs and easily scales with customizable updates as your business needs evolve in the future.

Further, we offer data-visualization tools that deliver real-time analytics and custom reports that yield indispensable business intelligence so you may implement meaningful supply chain improvements.

In summary, SSI freight audit experts provide customized solutions that save money, cut waste, optimize efficiencies, and yield actionable supply chain intelligence for informed decision making.


Need to provide your co-workers with a summary explaining why SSI is the best freight audit provider for your business? We recommend you send them a link to this blog post and share these 4 bullet points.

  • SSI provides customized, automated freight audits that drive savings to the bottom line
  • SSI offers a global freight audit solution that scales with our dynamic business needs
  • SSIconnect platform can provide us with cutting-edge data visualization tools and analytics
  • The shipping data SSI collects for our business will provide us with actionable business intelligence to improve our supply chain performance

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