Parcel Audit Saves Money

Parcel audit saves money – and if you ship a lot, SSI may save you a great deal of money!

As parcel shipping costs soar to historic highs, there has never been a better time to collaborate with the parcel audit experts at SSI. Our specialized technologies identify parcel carrier billing errors on your behalf so that you can recover the valuable savings yourself.

The SSI automated parcel bill audit process accurately identifies service failures, rate errors, duplicate bills, erroneous accessorial charges and many other carrier-invoicing mistakes.

In short, you will recover more refunds with greater ease when you are armed with audited proof of inaccuracies on a carrier’s bill. Want to learn more? Fill out the form on the bottom of this page or contact SSI.


Some industry analysts have described package and parcel shipping to be in a ‘perpetual peak’ ever since March of 2020, when e-commerce volumes exploded as an unexpected consequence of the pandemic.

As you prepare for peak season this year, it is important to understand that when it comes to parcel surcharges, UPS and FedEx may be significantly increasing your costs.

UPS implemented new peak season surcharges, effective July 4th. The carrier is using a tiered system based on volume. However, the higher prices will impact all shippers – and will rise even further later this year. 1, 2

FedEx already increased peak surcharges on Express and Ground shipments several weeks ago.3 Remarkably, the residential surcharge jumped 100% from $0.30 per package to $0.60 per package. Other FedEx surcharges can be found on their website.4


As mentioned above, UPS recently announced some BIG changes as the carrier looks to reset the baseline for post-pandemic demands.5, 6

Take the Large Package Peak Surcharge for example: if you have shipped “more than 10 packages that require Additional Handling or Large Packages during any week after February 2020” (pre-COVID levels), your rates will jump 27% from $31.45 to $40 per package, effective July 4th and will then rise again on October 3rd, when it skyrockets to $60! FedEx Oversize will remain consistent at $30 until further notice, but we expect it to increase to similar levels during the Holiday Peak Season.

Similar logic will apply to UPS Ground/SurePost and Air Residential when we hit Holiday Peak Season in October. If you have shipped more than 25,000 packages in any week after February 2020, rates could jump to as high as $5.15 and $6.15 respectively.


If you haven’t been auditing your parcel invoices, you will find the sum of refunded assets to be remarkable. Whether you ship hundreds or thousands of parcels and packages every week, your collaboration with SSI will be a money-saving success.

SSI applies an automated, multi-point process that thoroughly identifies previously undetected mistakes such as these.

  • Late deliveries
  • Duplicate billing
  • Incorrect DIM billing
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Residential surcharges
  • Service failures
  • Base rate errors / inaccuracies
  • Erroneous Currency Conversions
  • Manifested vs. billed weights
  • Other billing mistakes

The costly rate and surcharge increases imposed by parcel and package carriers can be mitigated by you recovering significant savings with SSI parcel audit solutions. To learn more, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page or contact SSI.


SSI is committed to helping our customers save money and improve freight, supply chain and operational efficiencies. Ask about these other valuable services available from SSI.

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