Parcel Shipping Savings – Parcel Contract Optimization Services

Looking for parcel shipping savings? SSI parcel contract optimization services will help you save money immediately and all year long as you ship smarter every day.

If you’re feeling stressed about rising parcel shipping costs, you’re not alone. Businesses of all sizes, and especially e-commerce shippers, are now beginning to fully grasp how much the new fees and yearly GRIs announced by parcel carriers will impact their shipping costs.

The boom in online commerce by both consumers and businesses has put parcel carriers in the driver’s seat like never before. Since demand for parcel shipping has soared and is expected to remain high, the cost escalations are likely to stick.

If the increasing parcel shipment costs are putting your business in a tough predicament, SSI can help. In fact, we’ve recently expanded our services to help you maximize your parcel shipping savings.


SSI’s new parcel contract optimization services extend far beyond our market-leading freight and parcel bill auditing services, which already generate significant savings for our customers month-after-month.

SSI now provides expert analysis of your parcel and small package shipping requirements. Springing from this comprehensive review, our skilled team will identify areas that represent opportunities for parcel savings, offer expert advice on contract negotiations, and mitigate year-over-year rate increases.


  • Save by working with our expert carrier pricing managers

  • Leverage our deep experience in contract administration

  • Receive actionable rate impact mitigation measures

  • Gain insights from world-class analytics for ongoing improvements

  • Enjoy exclusive discount rates for small to medium sized businesses

Contact SSI to learn more on how we will help you maximize parcel shipping savings in order to succeed now and in the year ahead.


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