Supply Chain Resilience Planning Must Include Freight & Parcel Audits

Whether your supply chain resilience planning involves re-shoring, near-shoring, or a China Plus One sourcing strategy, freight and parcel audits from SSI deliver measurable savings that will offset some incremental costs associated with procuring goods from multiple sources.

Supply chain resilience planning is becoming paramount for many operations, supply chain, and finance managers as a cloud of uncertainty continues to hinder supply and demand forecasting. Intelligent business leaders are unsettled by how the Covid-19 crisis has revealed weak links in their global supply chains. Ambiguity abounds as global trade tensions and geopolitical issues are simmering between China and its key trading partners, clogged ports and warehouses are impacting the flow of goods, and pricing gyrations across multiple modes of freight transportation are hammering everyone’s bottom line.

As you navigate these and other challenges, perhaps sourcing and transporting goods from a single supplier or a sole country is no longer a sound option for your business. As you bring on new sources of supply, wouldn’t it be helpful to identify savings opportunities to help you contain costs? SSI will help you achieve vital cost savings.


SSI performs a comprehensive, multi-modal freight and parcel bill audit that delivers measurable and meaningful savings. The process is automated for speed and efficiency while providing superior accuracy. The benefits to you are numerous:

  • Up to a 20-to-1 ROI may provide you with tens-of-thousands of dollars in savings every month

  • Customized audits meet the needs of your global supply chain

  • Automated process scales and is flexible to adapt to supplier and carrier realignments

  • Rate validation and verification catches overcharges and billing errors

  • Monitor how your carrier performance is meeting contractually guaranteed services

  • Gain the ability to Identify shipping expense anomalies and detect emerging trends

  • Analyze fresh data to make ongoing transportation and operational improvements

  • View data visualization dashboards with relevant analytics to optimize your global supply chain


SSI transforms the complexity of freight audit and freight payment into cash savings and supply chain intelligence, providing actionable insights to maximize your profit potential.

  • Customizable solution scales with your growing and dynamic business needs

  • Automated freight audit drives savings to the bottom line

  • Cutting-edge data visualization facilitates analysis

  • Actionable business intelligence supports supply chain optimization and operational efficiencies

Include SSI freight and parcel auditing in your supply chain resilience planning and start saving now – let’s talk!