SSI offers managed analytics services for improved business intelligence and supply chain intelligence

Managed Analytics Solutions | Actionable Data Insights

Today’s supply chain, logistics, and finance leaders need expert support to inform their decision-making. Few organizations have the in-house capabilities to glean relevant insights and extract useful business intelligence from the continuous deluge of their transportation data.

Managed Analytics Provide You a Competitive Edge

Now you can reap the benefits of transportation and logistical analytics, without making a large upfront investment in time and resources. SSI managed analytics are a robust, outsourced data-science solution that warehouses and integrates key data and feeds it back to you through easy-to-digest custom dashboards and reports.

  • Move fast – With no people to hire or in-house systems to build, you can start gleaning valuable insights promptly.
  • Receive expert support – The SSI data-science team and professional programmers can help you identify pertinent data and deliver the visuals to help you find answers to your biggest challenges.
  • Realize immediate ROI – With minimal expense, you can tap into data insights for quick decision-making to improve performance and cut costs. Further, you may implement changes that deliver significant long-term savings.

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Managed Analytics Deliver Valuable Insights

SSI’s managed analytics services will transform your transportation and logistics data into a powerhouse of supply chain intelligence:

  • Gain knowledge
  • Receive actionable insights
  • Enhance efficiencies
  • Cut costs
  • Improve decision-making

Visit the SSI managed analytics web page to learn more on how our data-visualization tools will help you easily digest valuable supply chain intelligence.

Managed Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Armed with pertinent supply chain information, managers can address and resolve issues at the root cause. Further in today’s fast-paced environment, SSI managed analytics services scale with your growing enterprise and adjust to your dynamic business needs. Contact SSI to learn how you can harness the power of our managed analytics services to cut shipping costs, improve logistical efficiencies, and reduce operating expenses.

About SSI

SSI transforms the complexity of freight audit and freight payment into cash savings and supply chain intelligence, providing actionable insights to maximize your profit potential.

  • Customizable solution scales with your growing and dynamic business needs
  • Automated freight audit drives savings to the bottom line
  • Cutting-edge data visualization facilitates analysis
  • Actionable business intelligence supports supply chain optimization and operational efficiencies

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