Retailer logistics | Relevant trends

Retailer supply-chain and delivery strategies are evolving rapidly. In response to demand, logistics companies are implementing more same-day and 2-hour delivery options. Retailers are often forced to make rapid shipping decisions with little to no data to support a choice that could have an impact of tens-of-thousands, if not hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on their company’s bottom-line.

With that in mind, I know an article posted this week on the website will be of interest to many SSI retail customers and prospects. (Note: The supplychaindive website is published by Industry Dive, a digital media company providing business news and analysis across multiple industries.)

Based on the trends outlined in the post, the SSI team expects custom freight audit and freight payment services for retailers will increasingly grow in importance. Our automated audits help you keep couriers/carriers accountable for their service-level commitments. Further, SSI empowers retailers to realize meaningful savings as they recoup erroneous charges that would easily be overlooked without an audit.

As more brick and mortar stores are used as fulfillment and return centers, the shipments in and out are becoming more difficult to track. Parcel and carrier audits from SSI give a retailer full visibility to all their transportation and spend. With accurate data in hand, retailers gain valuable business intelligence. Leveraging global insights from the SSIconnect™ platform, retail leaders can make better informed process-improvement decisions to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs.

I encourage you to contact SSI to learn more on how SSI freight audit and freight services are invaluable resources for modern retail operations.