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SSI CEO, Paul Vindigni, was recently interviewed for an Inbound Logistics special supplement on Freight Bill Audit and Payment Services. Paul touched on key topics such as business intelligence and data-visualization dashboards in his dialogue with the publication’s editor. Here is a short excerpt of his interview:

Potential clients increasingly want to know if a provider is a freight audit company or a data company, Vindigni says, The difference is in “what we do with the information we audit,” he says. “We provide modern data-visualization tools and business intelligence to enhance decision-making.” A rigorous analysis often identifies opportunities to save money or reasons to change modes. Each freight bill contains tons of data, Vindigni notes. SSI works with customers to custom configure dashboards and reports that help them analyze pertinent information to support decisive action.

The Inbound Logistics article goes on to state, “By intelligently outsourcing freight audit and payment processes to SSI, companies enhance productivity and maximize profitability as they focus on what they do best,” Vindigni says.

SSI Chief Executive Officer Paul Vindigni

Paul Vindigni is the CEO of SSI.
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Business Intelligence

I encourage you to download the SSI business intelligence white paper entitled, Standing out in a Sea of Mediocrity to learn more about the importance of harnessing business intelligence from professional, customized global freight audits. Or, of course, feel free to contact SSI directly.

About SSI

Leaders across all industries are recognizing that manually performing freight-bill audits is a tedious, time-consuming drain of internal resources. A growing number of these leaders are turning to SSI, a time-proven provider of customized global freight audit and freight payment software solutions.

SSI customers receive an exacting, customized, and automated audit process, supported by human intelligence. SSI audits 100% of your freight carrier bills. Others spot-check invoices or use an imprecise one-size-fits-all audit process.

Our software verifies and authenticates accurate data and red flags duplicate charges and exceptions which deviate from client-carrier contracts and agreed-upon parameters. The process improves your profitability day-after-day, as SSI identifies substantial savings on your behalf. SSI transforms the complexity of freight audit and freight payment into cash savings and business intelligence, providing actionable insights to maximize your profit potential.

  • Customizable solution scales with your growing business
  • Automated freight audit drives savings to the bottom line
  • Modern data visualization facilitates analysis
  • Relevant business intelligence supports decisive action

SSI also offers a range of valuable consulting services, providing immediate and long-term savings that go straight to your bottom line.