New SSI White Paper | Freight Audit RFP

SSI has developed a new freight audit RFP white paper to help those of you who are currently in the process of developing your request for proposal.

We understand that creating a RFP for freight audit and freight payment services is challenging. This useful resource will help you and your team implement the RFP process in a well-organized manner so ultimately you will find the optimal service provider for you.

Of course, we certainly hope the outcome of the process is that you discover that SSI is your ideal freight audit and freight payment provider. However, I am sure you agree that if another provider is a better fit, it is best that we both discover that now, rather than later.

We find many freight audit RFPs are structured as if freight audit and freight payment services are commodity offerings where the lowest price wins. Admittedly, there are some discount providers who offer the same cookie-cutter service to every client. Yet, often in the freight audit and payment market, the lowest price supplier is not actually delivering the best value. Why? Because the majority of complex, fast-paced, multinational businesses need a custom-tailored solution that dovetails with their transportation, supply chain, and operational systems.

I encourage you to download this SSI white paper which explains how to organize your freight audit and freight payment RFP to identify the optimal provider who will deliver the best overall value to your business.

Why are we offering you this free resource?
A growing number of businesses in the United States and around the world are now outsourcing their freight audit and freight payment (FAFP) processes. The cost-savings, process-efficiency, and business-intelligence benefits realized by outsourcing these services are indisputable. In fact, many SSI clients achieve a greater than 4-to-1 ROI (achieving four dollars or more in savings for every dollar invested into the service).

However, in the nearly three decades since SSI was founded, a profusion of “me-too” providers have entered the marketplace. The presence of multiple vendors making similar claims can muddy the water for decision makers who seek to maximize their gains through outsourced freight audit and freight payment solutions.

It is ironic and unfortunate how some finance and logistics professionals come to realize after program implementation that choosing the low-cost FAFP supplier can result in a frustrating, resource-depleting, and costly experience. For most businesses, it is imperative to identify the optimal provider who is most capable of delivering spot-on solutions to meet their unique global requirements today, while also providing scalable solutions to meet future projected growth needs.

So, we developed this white paper to provide you with a reliable process by which to evaluate, measure, and conclude which freight audit provider delivers the best overall value and suits your unique needs. If you are interested in receiving a freight audit or freight payment quote from SSI, Let’s talk.